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Rachelle Davis

Rachelle Davis has been married to her husband Jake for almost 16 blissful years. Her type A, energized personality passionately collides with his laid-back cowboy attitude, as they raise and home-school their 6 kids and are constantly in a state of remodeling some home or other. Rachelle is a motivational speaker and educator, as well as a trained doula.  When she is not birthin’, schooling or raising babies, she can be found writing or speaking to fellow moms. She  loves long runs, good books  and is a wine, chocolate and coffee snob, who loves nothing better than sitting on the back porch watching the sun go down with the people she loves. She thoroughly enjoys getting to speak to moms of all ages and encourage them from the trenches.

Guest Blog- Supernatural Strength in the Hard Seasons of Life

Brandy Seago has been married to her husband, John for 7 years. John has worked as a Legislative Director at Texas Right to Life since before they got married.  Brandy and John have experienced  4 ( 2011,2013, and 2015) sessions as a married couple.  They have two children Nahum, 5 and Sophia, 3. Brandy is a homeschooling mom and an Independent Distributor at Young Living Essential Oils. You can follow Brandy at   Supernatural Strength in the Hard Seasons of Life   I always chuckle to myself a little bit when asked to write or speak on what life is like during my husband’s busy season at work. I laugh because it’s always ironic to me that while I am looked to for wisdom and guidance on the topic– what many people don’t really know is how many days of that difficult season I spend in helpless tears over what God is allowing my family to walk through. Let’s not get too carried away- someone could spill a glass of milk and I would cry because I was so emotionally spent. Don’t I sound fun to be around?! I’m learning though that sometimes it refreshes our hearts to see that real people leading real lives really struggle at times. I adore reading from pioneers of the faith who have gone before me on that lonely road of difficult seasons- they encourage my soul and remind me to press on. But there is something about reading the blog or post from a mom who is living deep IN the trenches and fighting for joy each day right NOW. So that’s what I hope this... read more

Guest Blog- Disney on a Dime

Michelle Craig’s Disney dreams started in 1975, since then she has been back 53 times seeking ever more magic.  Now, Michelle, with her mom, her husband Dennis and their  two children, Alex age 15 and MacKenzie age 10, she eagerly await for their next visit.  Magic pixie dust transports their family to the happiest place on earth.  Anyone can spend money to make a trip but the Craig family finds pixie tricks to enjoy many visits without the regret of big expenses. One day Walt Disney had a vision. It was a vision of a place where children and parents could have fun together. The more Walt dreamed of a “magical park,” the more imaginative and elaborate it became.  This vision was born first in timeless books he brought to life in cartoons.  His creation inspired him to create a magical park where families could step inside most loved classic stories.   Let’s begin to plan how you can enjoy a little magic on a budget. Before you go, find these books in age appropriate editions and read together these classics.  Swing through the giant treehouse with the Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss.  Sail around with Mowgli through the jungle meeting the curious world of animals created by Rudyard Kipling who wrote the Jungle Book.  Look for the hidden paint brush that always gets left by Tom Sawyer to give way to an adventurous way down the river which was written by Mark Twain.   Take a splash with a retelling of Aesop’s Fables by Uncle Remus who tells stories of the likeable Br’er Rabbit, prone to tricks and trouble-making who... read more

Guest Blog- Decorating On A Budget

Jessica has been married 17 years to a magnificent man whom  she started dating 23 years ago. She is a homeschooling mom of two kids,  Ashton, 10 years old and Allydia, 3 years old.  Jessica has  been a Realtor for 17 hard years and  wouldn’t trade the experiences she’s gained for anything!    I come from a long line of interior decorators, engineers and remodelers who have all owned their own businesses in these fields of expertise. I tried hard to break the cycle but it’s just in my blood. As a realtor of 15+ years I have walked through over 400 homes each year of various ages. Yes, you could say I’ve been around the block a few times! I have always been that person who sees in geometric shapes and grids and yes, I dream in color! Because of this I can quickly lay out a room with furniture using the best equation for space and beauty. I have learned this science over time which has helped me decorate elegantly on a budget. Here are a few of the best tips I can give to help you with your own personal spaces. Furniture Arrangement: Make sure the arrangement of your furniture does not block the flow of traffic or windows. There should be an inviting entry point to allow a person the ease of walking in the room and finding a place to sit and be comfortable. I always start with a focal point such as a fireplace or TV to arrange my furniture around if I’m working with a Den, otherwise I use a window as my focal point.... read more

Balancing The Marriage AND The Baby Carriage

How do you balance having two kids under two and still keeping your marriage a priority? I have no idea how to do this. -Mommy Of Two   Sweet Mommy, Man, do understand this feeling! I so remember having two precious boys, 2 years old and 1 month old, and wondering if I was ever going to get to shower alone again-let alone go on a date! Jake was (and is) my best friend and I MISSED him. But one thing that is universally true about kids- they know how to be the squeaky wheel! It is so easy to put our husband’s on the back burner as we deal with all the NOW tasks that must take place to keep tiny humans alive and thriving. And if your Man is anything like Jake, he understands how important and demanding being a mommy is. He will patiently wait until you have free time to spend with him. But here’s the thing, you never have time. We mom’s have the amazing ability to always have things that need to be done, no matter how long or hard we work. Jake and I had to get creative to make sure we spent the much needed time cultivating our friendship. One thing we did was implore my mom, sisters, and trusted teenage girls from our church ( read: beg and bribed) to help us by watching the boys at least twice a month so we could have a  date night. Even if it was only an hour or two because my nursing baby needed me, it was an hour more than we... read more

Love Wins: Supreme Court Christians Can Take A Lesson From the Woman At The Well

Today is a hard day. I am truly struggling with how to feel and what to write. I see so much HATE in my social media news feeds. I see so many Christians who just seem angry. I see so many hurt people, who have felt judged and misunderstood, spitting hatred.  I can’t understand why this Supreme Court decision has caused such ANGER. To those who, I assume, believe and feel as I do about this issue, why are you mad? I understand sad. I understand frustrated as we pray through how to best explain all this to our kids. I understand anxious about what our government may do next. I even understand confusion, hating the sin and loving the sinner and all. But the fury and hatred behind the words you are typing has me utterly baffled. Hate will never lead lost souls to our Savior. It will only drive them away. In my ministery and through my parents’ ministries I have met some people living in and through some pretty despicable sins. People who were holding tight to their sinful acts as a child does a security blanket.  We are talking baby killers, drug dealers, child abusers, prostitutes… the list goes on. And the one common denominator I can find through them all- They are broken, lost people. Even the proudest and loudest sinner has lived through some terrible stuff leading to their sin or because of their sin. I know my God hates sin. He hates when I yell at my kids. He hates when I disrespect my husband. He hates when I don’t go back into... read more

A Chore List By Ages

After my last post on the philosophical side of chores many of you have asked for a list of age appropriate chores. I have complied a general list of what chores are done on a weekly bases here in the Davis Household by each age group. Right now we have a 16 month old, a 5 year old, a 7 year old, a 9 year old, an 11 year old, and a 13 year old. The most important thing to remember about chores is the earlier you start the better! If it is second nature for your kids to help around the house you don’t have to fight complaints later. But if you are just now jumping into the chore game with older kids, don’t be discouraged: YOU CAN DO THIS! It may take a little longer and a bit more of your involvement, but it is worth it if you will be diligent. Also, chores in our house is not just an excuse for free labor (but seriously, how free is it?! Kids are WAY more expensive than full time house help, y’all!). For us at least, kids doing chores is a way for us to train them to serve others and equip them to be able to succeed on their own someday. We all know the mom who says she is loving her kids better by NOT making them do housework. She is the one who says there will be plenty of work for them to do as adults, just let them be kids now. But I ask, how blessed will her daughter feel when she can’t... read more

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